Attributes Edit


Amount Special
Attack 40 Melee Might
Retaliation 40 Melee Might
Initiative 5
Movement 2
HP 350

Base Resistances Edit

Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount
Melee Might 35% Ranged Might 35% Light 0% Darkness 0% Fire -30%
Water 0% Earth 0% Air 0% Prime -30 Seige 80%

Abilities Edit

  • Void Roots: Deals Might Damage to an Enemy Stack, decreasing it's Melee Might Resistance and rooting it to the spot so that it is unable to escape. Improved by Might. Melee Might Damage, 40. Attakc Range, 1. Duration, 2 rounds. Cooldown, 4 rounds. Applies Void Roots: Movement Range -100%. Melle Might Resistance -25%.