Cost Edit


Attributes Edit


Amount Special
Attack 150 Melee Might
Retaliation 150 Melee Might
Initiative 1
Movement 3
HP 900

Base Resistances Edit

Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount
Melee Might 20% Ranged Might 30% Light 0% Darkness 30% Fire -50%
Water 0% Earth 30% Air 0% Prime 0% Seige 80%

Abilities Edit

  • Regeneration: Heals a portion of Damage every Round. Resurrects fallen Creatures. Once selected, this Ability stays active in all Battles. Healing, 150

Note: Regenerations tool-tip is incorrect, always showing 150 Healing regardless of Stack size, but it is really 150 per Torn Treant. (I.e. 1 full Treant is resurrected for each 6 Treants in the stack.)