The Storyline consist of 4 main chapters, and some minor chapters. These chapters are progressed through by completeing story quests. You are not able to skip or abandon story quests, nor would you want to since they are the only way to unlock all areas.

Walkthrough Edit

This walkthrough needs HEAVY editing as it is only a general recap. Preferably this will be revised into a list of story quests (and dialogs, videos(?), etc...)

Warning! This page consist of major spoilers to the storyline. If you wish to play the story and "live" it, stop reading.

Introduction (name?) (Minor) Edit

These is an introductory dialog and a battle to get you started in this world of Might & Magic.

Chapter 1 - Haven (Blackbough) Edit

Most of Blackbough unlocked (Haven)

If you picked Haven faction you start out in Blackbough, this Chapter ends at Amber Thorn Cathedral where you have to stop an advancing Demon invasion.

Chapter 2 - Haven (Falcon's Reach) Edit

Falcon's Reach unlocked (haven)

This is also "Haven only" (qoutation marks explained later). A fairly short chapter, you start with ending some ruccuss and rumors, and then convince the High General (name?) that you have to side with the Necropolitans to fight a greater evil.

Chapter 1 - Necropolis (Namtaru's Claws) Edit

Most of Namtaru's Claws unlocked (Necropolis)

If you picked Necropolis faction you start in Namtaru's Claws. This chapter ends in the prison after a winding journey of politics and deciet.

Chapter 2 - Necropolis (Nar-Heresh) Edit

Nar-Heresh unlocked (Necropolis)

Short(ish), like Haven. More politics about your companion.

Chapter 3 (Whipsering Plains) Edit

The Whispering Plains unlocked!

First area for both factions. You travel through The Whispering Plains to find the source of the greater evil.

Interlude (Minor) Edit

The Spirit World unlocked, and closed.

You stravel to the spirit world, find an injured god and the big croocked bad guy is revieled!

Chapter 4 (Lightlands) Edit

Most of The Lightlands unlocked!

Both factions travel the Lightlands to halt the corruption. Chapter ends with the destruction (?) of the big crooked bad guy.

Final Chapter (Minor) - The Revelation of the Void Edit

Rest of Blackbough/Namtaruäs Claws unlocked (Haven/Necropolis)

All of Blackbough & Falcon's Reach/Namtaru's Claws & Nar-Heresh unlocked (Necropolis/Haven)

You mush kill either Valrok or Giant Swarm Wyvern to seal the deal between the two factions.

Endgame (Minor) Edit

Rest of The Lightlands unlocked!

One quest... That just sends you to a few people insinuating comming expansions?