Cost Edit


Attributes Edit

Living or Undead and/orSpirit

Amount Special
Attack 6 Melee Might
Retaliation 6 Melee Might

Preemptive Strike

Initiative 9
Movement 5
HP 50

Base Resistances Edit

Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount
Melee Might 20% Ranged Might -30% Light 0% Darkness 0% Fire 0%
Water 0% Earth 0% Air 0% Prime 0% Seige 80%

Abilities Edit

  • Preemptive Strike: Applies Preemptive Strike to the Target Stack. Preemptive Strike allows a Stack to retaliate before incoming Melee attacks. Once selected, this Ability stays active in all Battles. Applies Preemptive Strike: Retaliates before being attacked in Melee