Sar Khayn is a 1-stage bossfight located in The Whispering Plains: The Sunken Plains.

Objective Edit

  • Survive for 10 rounds
  • Don't let 3 stacks die

Reward Edit

  • 4 Obelisk Shards
  • Runestone of Sheperdy
  • 250 Hero Seals
  • 4,700 Experience

Tactic Edit

While preparing for this fight, get ahold of Lamasus, Radiant Glories, Griffins, Angels or Vampires. Lamasus can be obtained with both factions through phantom coins, but Griffins, Angels or Vampires are reccomended.

When you have your troops, only use two unit slots with one creature in each. You will not do any fighting anyway.

If you have Angels/Griffins/Vampires: Every round jump so that there is exactly two hexes between the unit and Sar Khayn's movement range (blue hexes when hovering over him). Yes, jump closer if he's too far away to keep up the pattern and not make any mistakes due to false sense of security. If you do this you should not need any spells for the entire fight. Defending with your hero will make it go fairly fast, considering the 10 rounds.

If you have Lamasus/Radiant glories: Consider bringing some Warlord's Command, Rush and Sanctuary. They might come in handy. The six hexes movespeed they have just isn't perfect. Other than that, follow the same tactic.

Note: If you're playing with Lamasus/Radiant Glories, consider bringing along a friend. Have only one creature each and alternate doing Rush, then you can have it every round.