Description: Favoured by the true defenders of Empire, this attire is worn by Praetorians on the battlefield. Their gilded glaives cut through steel and bone with force and precision.

Pieces: 6

Found in: World Map, Whispering Plains (2 pieces bought from Black Fang Trader in Whispering Plains: Southern Dunes)

Intended faction/class: Haven/Might

Set Bonuses Edit

2 Pieces

  • Archers Attack Power 10%
  • Marksmen Attack Power 10%

4 Pieces

  • Might, 45

6 Pieces

  • Battle Priest Heal Power 10%
  • Inquisitor Heal Power 10%


Brooch of the Praetorian

Might Creature Defense Luck
120 280 80
Refinable Artefact Value Level
No 96 15

Note: Brooch of the Praetorian is a rare Trinket with might instead of magic.