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There are a few similar items that drop from the same locations but do not get a bonus for combining them with other items; these are Unique Items

The exact location or battle required for some items are in question. But a few theories can be questioned at the time, and in time maybe some can be proven.

NOTE: When adding/editing items and sets, please follow the Equipment Standardisation Guide.

Expedition Sets Edit

Expedition Rewards are somewhat random in stats, with slightly different artefact values on the "same" item. The two top stats are always static in type, but Spirit or Luck depends on the specific item. Unit improvement is static.

The amount of Luck or Spirit is static to all expeditions, almost. Might class items containing Luck will always have a unrefined value of 172, and Magic class items containing Spirit will be the same (192 Spirit/236 Luck Fully refined). But Might class items containing Spirit, and vise versa, will range from 65-90 randomly(?), unrefined as well.

Expidition Sets are unique in the sense that they are not only bound to class, but also faction. E.g. "Requires Cleric Class".

Cleric Edit

Kindness of Elrath

Path of the Preacher

The Inquisition

Death Knight Edit

Death is Justice

Death is Order

Death is Serenity

Knight Edit

Protectors of the Realm

The Burning Light

The Holy Quest

Necromancer Edit

Origins of Belketh

Revelations of Belketh

Wisdom of Belketh

Heroic Battle Sets Edit

Heroic Battle items stats and unit improvement is random(ish) and only bound by their artefact value, which in turn depends on which heroic tier you are battling on. Note that the follow example are from the same heroic teir (2), but do not share the exact artefact value.
Example of Same item, different stats

Example of "same" item, with different stats

Blessed Cavalier's Armour

Oracle's Web

Vesta's Aegis

Raid Sets Edit

Gifts of Ember

The Coalition of Champions

The Shadows of Konos

Wise Vagrant's Chattels

Weekly Boss Sets Edit

Fallen Hero's Testament

Inquisitor's Livery

The Lost Gifts of Arkath

The Zealot's Sublimination

Tikaar's Panoply

Treasures of the Flying Barges

World Map Sets Edit

Relics of the Shantiri

Cleric Edit

Garments of the Faithful

Pilgrim's Garb

War and Peace

Death Knight Edit

Death Knight's Attire

Knight Edit

Praetorian's Armament

The Pride of Lions

Necromancer Edit

Cerements of Sorrow

The Ghoul Rioters' Fall

The Ultimate Truths

Phantasmal Gown