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Player Faction Creatures Edit

Haven Troops Edit

These creatures are obtained mainly by Haven heroes through their towns. A few of them can be obtained from Travelling Knight in exchange for Angel Feathers.

Necropolis Troops Edit

These creatures are obtained mainly by Necropolis heroes through their towns. A few of them can be obtained from Vampire Antiquary in exchange for Phantom Coins.

Event Creatures Edit

There are plenty of units in the game that can be fought that go up for sale during special Events. But this list is creatures only avaliable to fight against, and buy, during events.

Multiple Areas Edit

Forest Creatures Edit

Locations: All over Blackbough, Falcon's Reach and Lightlands.

General weaknesses: A bit of favours all; Fire on trees, Ranged Might on Wolves and Prime on Voids.

* Can not be found in normal battles in Blackbough or Falcon's Reach

**Rare, consider doing Expert Battle, Heroic Battle, attacking Void-Touched Creatures (still not a very reliable source) or doing one of the following dailies: Witch Hunt, The Big Bad Void or On Patrol

Demon Invaders Edit

Locations: Blackbough and Lightlands.

General weaknesses: -30% Light Resistance

*Rare in Normal battles in Blackbough, consider Expert/Heroic or going to Lightlands.

Black Fang Bandits/Black Fang Muggers Edit

Locations: Falcon's Reach, Lightlands, Namtaru's Claws and, Nar-Heresh

Blackbough Edit

Highland Clansmen Edit


  • Elder Treant
  • Highland Clan Berserker
  • Highland Clan Centaur
  • Highland Clan Cyclops
  • Highland Clan Earth Mender
  • Highland Clan Flame Wielder
  • Highland Clan Minotaur
  • Highland Clan Shaman

Lightlands Edit

Church of Elrath Wardens Edit

Locations: Only as part of Main Story line (or Event).

Corrupted Haven Edit

Locations: Stillwater Acres, The Hinterland, The Siege Line, Bluemist Meads

General weaknesses: Low initiative and -30% Prime Resistance.

Void-Corruted Creatues Edit

Locations: Dragon's Teeth

General weaknesses: -30% Prime Resistance.

  • Human Void Assasin
  • Human Void Champion
  • Human Void Herald
  • Void-Consumed Treant
  • Void-Corrupted Earth Elemental
  • Void-Touched Demon
  • Void-Touched Light Elemental
  • Void-Touched Witch
  • Void-Touched Wyvern
  • Void Wraith

Void-Corrupted Forest Creatures/Forest Witches Edit

Locations: Only as part of the daily quests Which Hunt, The Big Bad Void or On Patrol. And the Story quests; ...

General Weaknesses: -30% Prime Resistance.

Namtarus Claws Edit

Rioting Prisoners Edit

Locations: Manible Bay, The Lower Marshlands, The Upper Marshlands

General Weaknesses: -30% Light Resistance.

*Expert/Heroic only. (Or Dungeon Rioters)

Swamp Escapees Edit

Locations: The Lower Marshlands, The Upper Marshlands, The Forlorn Hills, The Ashen Peaks, The Rotten Planks, The Moors of Damnation

Mountian Escapees Edit

Locations: The Cursed Heights, The Ashen Peaks

Soul Hunters Edit

Locations: The Chained Valleys

General strengths: High initiative

Cavern Creatures Edit

Locations: The Wilderness, The Venom Farms, The Caverns

General weaknesses: -30% Light Resistance.

Dungeon Rioters Edit

Locations: The Dungeons

General Weakness: -30% Light Resistance.

The Swarm Edit

Locations: The Caverns, The Deeps

Whispering Plains Edit

Coastal Creatures Edit

Locations: The Backwater Coves

General Weaknesses: Air Magic Resistance -30%

  • Jade Coast Hydras*
  • Jade Coast Kappas
  • Jade Coast Kenshis
  • Jade Coast Wanizames

*Rare, consider Expert or Heroic difficulty battles.

Desert Inhabitants Edit

Locations: The Depression and The Southern Dunes. Rakshasa Bandits of the daily quest "The Lion's Share" consist of the same creatures.

Ghosts of the Faceless Edit

Locations: The Shrouded Sands and Zahoum R'Ash

General weakenesses: -30% Light Resistance

  • Drifting Faceless
  • Ghost of Vengence
  • Shadow Lurker

Heirophant's Servants Edit

Locations: The Sea of Sands

General Weaknesses: -30% Light Resistance

  • Devotee
  • Enchanted Sphinx
  • Entourage

Stone Guardians Edit

Locations: Dharmour R'Ash

General Weaknesses: -30% Fire Resistance

  • Tranquility Guardians
  • Stone Griffins
  • Stone Priestessess

Tranquils Edit

Locations: The Sand Drifts and Ankouhn R'Ash.

  • Ancient Spider
  • Ancient Spiderling
  • Chasm Crawler
  • Chasm Spinner

Walking Bones Edit

Locations: The Sunken Plains and The Backbones

  • Desert Scorpion
  • Shantiri Blaze
  • Shantiri Crumbler
  • Shantiri Shadow
  • Shantiri Storm
  • Spectral Dragon

Note: The central area in Whispering Plains called The Heirophants have a few spawns around it of Tranquils, Heirophant's Servants and Desert Inhabitants.

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