• Week of Fear Event: 26 Pumpkins, 53 Gold

Attributes Edit


Amount Special
Attack 32 Melee Might
Retaliation 32 Melee Might
Initiative 1
Movement 2
HP 400

Base Resistances Edit

Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount Type Amount
Melee Might -60% Ranged Might 0% Light -30% Darkness 0% Fire 30%
Water 0% Earth 0% Air 0% Prime 0% Seige 80%

Abilities Edit

  • Proliferation: Breeds an increasing number of Creatures in the Stack. Bred creatures cannot be healed. Bred creatures remaining at the end of a Battle are not added to your Army or that of the enemy. Once selected, this Ability stays active in all Battles. Reinforcements, 5%. (Procs at the end of the creatures turn.)