"Hrodger Weekly" is a bossfight unlocked by taking the quest Hrodger's delusions, given you by Yr'Kathoum at The Lightlands: The Siege Line. It is a very monotone battle despite being a two stage fight, for the only thing that differs the two stages is the choice of creatures used by Hrodger.

Abilities Edit

Hrodger has 4 abilities, and has one spell per turn:

Fanatic Assault: This ability raises the Melee and Ranged Might Attack Power of one allied creature by 100%, but lowers said creature's Melee and Ranged Might Resistance by 50%. Duration; 3 rounds. Cooldown; 2 rounds.

Core Reinforcement: This ability reinforces one core creature stack by 25%, Cooldown; 4 rounds. Note:It is wrongfully stated on the ability that it cannot reinforce units oveer the stack initial amount (like a heal).

Catapult Barrage: This ability marks one enemy stack and deals significant damage to it and ALL creature-stacks directly adjacent to it, approximately 4000dmg (in co-op). The damage is done at the end of the round, when all creatures and heroes have used their turns.Cooldown; 3 rounds.

Void Corrupted Armour: This ability gives one friendly stack Retribution, returning 40% damage to attackers.Duration; 2 rounds. Cooldown; 3 rounds.

Creatures Edit

Hrodger uses creatures of the Corrupted haven affiliation.

Stage 1: Void-Corrupted Knight, Void-Controlled Footman, Void-Controlled Monk, Void-Controlled Cavalier

Stage 2: Void-Corrupted Knight, Void-Controlled Cavalier, Void-Controlled Marksman

Tactics Edit

Stage 1: This battle is as any other against Corrupted Haven, apart from the slight disturbance caused by Hrodger. Generally Hrodger will place Catapult Barrage the first round. If you use any "tank" creature, try and get this one to defend close to one or several of Hrodgers units. This will minimize any damage you take, and damage his troops in the process. Use dispel as soon as Hrodger uses Void Corrupted Armour so you don't forget. They share cooldown, so it won't be too hard.Stage one is generally over before the end of round 4 (as Necropolis at least).

Stage 2: Very much like Stage 1 except Hrodger tend to favour Core Reinforcement over Catapult Barrage, and using this to reinforce Void-Controlled Marksmen as often as he can. The kill-order is also slightly more messy since all units are almost equally high in priority.

Note: Arguably this fight is easier than any heroic Corrupted Haven fight, since you don't have to deal with Void-Corrupted Seraphs.

Possible Rewards/Loot Edit

The battle always(?) yeidls three rewards. One is a random equipment items of Common - Major quality, one is a consumable and one is a relic. There is also a chance a Dye will drop. Possible relic rewards are (confirmed, quite possibly more):

Set items

Unique Items