Much like most MMOs, M&M:HO has a currency that is generally bought with real cash, and they call it Hero Seals.

Hero Seals can be obtained through a various different ways, but the most efficient way is buying them. But here are a few other:

  • Story Line: You get approximately 3000 Hero Seals for completeing the entire story. (Note: 4000 for new character slot, very close. Consider saving.)
  • Weekly Boss Battles: Approximately 100 Hero Seals per quest turn in. (It is not enough to follow on the kill, you have to have the quest.)
  • Daily Bonus: After 4 consecutive days of log-in, each day grants you 5 Hero Seals.
  • PvP: Placing in the Top 3 (?) in either the Prospect League or in the Top League grants you a number of Hero Seals. (Note: Only Hero Seal reward listed below, there are several other rewards as well)
Place Prospect League Reward Top League Reward
1 1000 Hero Seals 10000 Hero Seals
2 500 Hero Seals 5000 Hero Seals
3 250 Hero Seals 3000 Hero Seals
4-5 - Hero Seals 1000 Hero Seals