Accepted from Herbalist in Blackbough: Adder's Den

Description Edit


Foul Demons. Won't give us a moment of peace! More and more casualties every day! Our sick bays are overcrowded with these pour souls. Screaming, bleeding, suffering...

My supplies of medicinal herbs won't suffice to treat them all. I need more Red nad Blue Fern! You have hte men to defy the Demons at the gates. On behalf of our brave soldiers, please bring me the Ferns!

Objectives Edit

  • Collect Blue Fern, 4
  • Collect Red Fern, 4
  • Go to Herbalist

Rewards Edit

  • Lesser Scroll of Ressurection, 1
  • 292 Gold
  • 155 Experience

Notes Edit

Blue Ferns are in Amber Forest, Red Ferns are in Highland Fjords. No fighting is required to complete this quest.

Leads to a follow-up; Take Your Medicine