The Forgotten Sites are good for challenge and rewards. They take 1-2 hours to complete once entered.

Map Edit

Forgotten Sites are entered by completeing puzzlemaps. These are revealed piece by piece by finding active obelisks on the map. You may also use obelisk shards as a substitute for finding active obelisks. If you have at least one of these in your inventory you may enter your puzzlemap and press the "Use" button. If you have no shard, it will say "Complete", and require a number of Hero Seals to complete you map directly.

Once your map is complete its interface will change to a brief summary of potential rewards from the forgotten site, and the Use/Complete button will be exchanged for a "Enter" button.

Defeating the Site Edit

In a forgotten site you do not get your own army to follow. This is for better and for worse. The good part is, you can't lose your own armies; the bad part is, you can't prepare an army for it. Your equipment is also nullified, and instead you get stats from the forgotten site. Any shards, runestones or licences active are paused until you exit the site.

At the beginning of the site you are granted a number of units, and to get more you must use these units to fight and unlock more units.

The site can be completed at anytime you fine the Many-Headed Devourer and win against it. It is advised that you gather as much armies as possible before you try.

Surrendering Edit

You may at any moment surrender from the site. Any crystals you have found will be kept, but the chance of the reward from the boss is lost and that site is lost resetting the map.

Rewards Edit

The site often has several small (and sometimes a few big) stack of crystal. Apart from these, the only rewards granted are if you defeat the Many-Headed Devourer.

The rewards for defeating the boss is:

  • A large amount of experience
  • An artefact of Major to Legendary quality
  • A large quantity of Dragonsteel
  • Chest of Gold, Metal or Wood*; or Crystal

*The Good thing about these chests is that they can be transfered to other characters through the artefact bailiff.