A creature is any unit you may use or face as army in battle. All units are creatures.

Teirs Edit

There are 4 creature teirs:

Core: Core creatures are generally weak, but instead they come in large quantities. In your army they are not neccessarily weaker that any of the other teirs, since you can have many more of these.

Elite: Elite creatures are great in strength, but small in stacks.

Champion: The highest teir of playable creatures is Champion, and they are often expectional in strength. Unlike the other teirs they generally have one more spell than the average creature on the lower tiers.

Boss: The player may not controll Boss teir cretures, but there are several you may face. These creatures are vastly stronger, and grow in strength in co-op battles, but instead you only face one per stack. Always.

Types Edit

Creatures have certian Attributes, and one of them is their type. Often the type decides what abilities (positive and negative) that may target the stack. There are four types, but only one can be combined with other.

  • Living
  • Undead
  • Demon
  • Spirit (can be combined with other)

Affiliation Edit